Portable Electric Car Wash Water Gun Set Black


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Model: Portable Electric Car Wash Water Gun
Length of Outlet Pipe: 2 (m)
Power Cord Length: 2
Voltage: 5 (V)
Color: Black
Charging Port: USB Type-C Interface
Charging Time: 4-5h
Maximum Pressure: 0.7MPa

Additional information

Weight 1778.0 kg
Dimensions 605 × 232 × 62 cm

Suit, A single


  1. A***n

    The parcel was sent for a very long time, sent it for some reason to Kazakhstan, the track is not tracked, in the end delivered the courier sdek. The site was indicated that they will deliver within ten days. I checked the washing house in the bathroom, it seems to be working, although one nozzle is beating aside, I think it's not critical. The pressure is not strong, it will not work out like a car wash, but the dirt from the car will fall off.

  2. A***i

    not so much pressure

  3. O***i

    Washing is good but the pressure is naturally smaller than that of professional washes.

  4. S***v

    Everything is fine! I got the sink, thank you. I checked-everything works.
    Where can I buy spare batteries for her now? Tell me please dear seller?

  5. V***x

    The seller is generally well done!!!!
    Such fast delivery I have not yet had for all the time of use aliexпрес!!8 days and washing at me!!!
    Washing is of course weak, but with proper use-it is very not even harmful!! With a short nozzle, washing is much more convenient! It is better to wash from the bottle from the cooler-very convenient, and the filter does not pop up. I like it!! I strongly recommend the seller!

  6. V***z

    Everything is very small. The battery is charged normally. Appearance is good

  7. D***h

    the item looks good, has a quite good pressure but very narrow jet, which make the process of washing the car quite difficult.

  8. P***v

    The sink came for almost a month. The box is slightly crumpled, but everything is whole. At work I checked in the bathroom. The other day, I'll make it through the car. Thank you seller for the goods

    no remark no remark

  9. M***v

    The quality of the goods is good. But I wouldn't position her as a car wash. Suitable only if you have the opportunity to wash the car every 1-3 days. I haven't washed a car in a month. In 30 minutes, wet after rain and after foam the machine, I managed to less wash 2 doors. The pressure is enough only from a distance of 2 cm to knock down the dirt on a strip with a width of 1.5 cm. The filter needs cargo. Do not greed with active foam. At least you can cope with it somehow.

  10. E***k

    The goods are original and arrived in Minsk by courier sdek in 35 days from the date of payment. However, the box was badly damaged and crumpled in different places. I will open a dispute for compensation!

    no remark no remark

  11. V***n

    During transportation it turned out to be a broken tip of the sprayer. Is it possible to send it separately for replacement?

    no remark

  12. M***v

    The goods came with a defect

  13. N***v

    Corresponds to the description. I tried everything well, but the long atomizer is not fixed. I'll figure it out.

  14. S***n

    Everything came whole, but for a long time

  15. A***v

    The description of the set corresponds completely. The sink is excellent, while I tested everything in the bathroom. The track of moving the parcel was lost from tracking, but the parcel surfaced to sdek in 1.5 months. The box is a little crumpled, but everything is fine.

  16. S***)

    Good but weak

  17. M***g


  18. D***k

    Great device. The pressure is not like Kercher-the fee for compactness and autonomy. You can wash the car and carry it comfortably. Gets into the backpack. The duration of the washing is enough, the battery is detached and has a Type C connector-I infect in the car from the cigarette lighter. Recommend.

  19. A***A

    I brought a courier sdek in my hands. With serious pollution, will not cope, and dust wash or divorce after rain, quite. 30 liters, on a crossover of medium size, enough with a head, even liters 5 remained. I recommend buying an expanded package, there is additional. Lake, it's better than basic. With shampoo wash until I tried. The only thing, it is necessary to constantly control the position of the hose, when twisted, the water does not enter. But the device is light, you can hold it with one hand, and the other, the hose

  20. D***X

    Delivered to Moscow by courier in 10 days. I did not expect this speed. Not yet.
    The seller is good. Recommend!

  21. K***r

    Everything is super, it works, the car has not been washed yet, but the bathroom work of this thing liked. The parcel arrived before the deadline. Thank you.

  22. Y***a

    very good store <3

  23. T***o

    Delivery quickly, packing is good, looks very high quality, came charged, after use, I will add a review.

    no remark no remark

  24. R***s

    All is well

  25. S***v

    Excellent washing, the whole box has come not crumpled, the delivery is true for some reason went through Kazakhstan, so more than a month.

  26. E***v

    Great thing! The pressure is good! Batteries on the sensations should be enough to wash the car (completely washed yet not tried)

  27. A***U

    Washing awesome delivered SDEC. the parcel is in perfect condition. The battery is charged 100 percent. I tried it right away. For its size, you can not think of better. I recommend the seller and the sink too

  28. G***r

    Everything works, that's only delivery long 1,5 month waited

    no remark no remark no remark

  29. P***v

    Not working. The battery shows a full charge, the device produces a drone, but the water does not shake

  30. G***g

    Fast delivery to Kiev in 12 days. Recommend!

  31. V***N

    Заказ пришел вовремя, хорошо упакован, все работает. Продавца рекомендую.

  32. V***y

    Convenient option to wash the car gdeto on the road. But naturally the pressure is insufficient for quality washing.

  33. Y***v


  34. B***n

    It's fast, נארז shaped gorgeous all look good hope to soon and see if works as good as that looks

  35. A***a

    басеус как всегда на высоте. доставка ровно две недели. после дождя и поездки по грунтовой дороге 20 литрами воды с паркетника посмывал всю грязюку , осталось только натереть. продукт отличный , автономный , изготовление – супер.

  36. S***M

    Its Faulty, not switch on. Just Received today . Feel Disappointed.

    no remark no remark

  37. A***v

    Well done. Fast Delivery

  38. P***n

    very fast posting. haven't try yet

    no remark no remark no remark

  39. M***i

    Ordered 29.03.2021G. Sent 01.04.2021G. Delivered to Kiev 14.04.2021 Packed in a pu postal bag. The cardboard box almost did not crumble. It all came out. The quality is excellent. No smell. I liked the set very much. All OK.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark

  40. A***o

    Very fast delivery

  41. D***r

    As advertised. Very Good packaging. Professional seller. Item work perfectly. Thank you …

  42. P***n

    Very high-quality product, very powerful, worth every dollar!
    Shame that the bucket ends up really fast, a higher volume of water resource is needed for better work.

  43. G***t


  44. E***o

    OK OK

  45. K***v

    The goods are of excellent quality, but the power is not enough.

  46. D***n

    Delivery Moldova!!!
    Hto knows, with take, baseus, that Crook. Zzhnishgáglade, tactical reviews of Vida trimannya viroba in the hands of the hire River.
    Edinje, scho is a short shot of plastic with a small hole in the city of rizbinai. Having taken at the library for $83. Take is a liar, with baseus selling a city for a new product.
    I'm sorry. i'm sorry.

  47. P***s

    It works very well, I recommend buying the full pack.

  48. P***r

    Hi washcloth super deal cool pressure gives no and super źe fszędzie can it work yours

  49. W***b

    12 days from order to delivery to Poland.
    Machine tested, 100% Working, provided with charged battery. Highly efficient, two buckets of water (about 10L) leisurely wystarczą for umycie and backwash car.
    Battery very efficient. Is another product BASEUS where I am thrilled. RECOMMEND.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  50. M***z

    The product looks very good, but it doesn't work, at least the one they sent me. After doing a thousand tests and watching several videos, in case I did it wrong, it turned out that the device was wrong and not working. Contacted the seller and after sending you videos that it does not work, after dispute, the seller agrees to pay me back. Good seller, but bad luck with the product.

  51. K***v

    Super quality!

  52. A***v

    Полностью соответствует описанию, малый расход воды , сбить пыль с машины можно и к стати очень удобно, но это не полноценная автомойка, но в хозяйстве , на даче – коттедже самое то!!!

  53. I***n

    Very good, quality 5 +. The water pressure is excellent.

    no remark no remark no remark

  54. V***n

    Good Machine.

    no remark

  55. A***k

    Everything corresponds to the description
    Great packing

  56. A***n

    Мойка класс! Денег своих стоит однозначно! Рекомендую. На батарее есть индикатор заряда. Сила струй нормальная, регулируется на обоих насадках.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  57. E***a

    I ordered my husband as a gift, everything is fine! I liked everything! Order from 30.03 came 14.04 from China to Israel. The box did not crumble, everything is neat. With the seller there was no need to communicate, the order sent quickly and quickly everything came. I regretted that I ordered a set without additional attachments. Pleasantly surprised that the battery came charged. Everyone is happy, look how it will be in operation. Thank you seller!

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  58. M***h

    working fine

  59. U***r

    6 days delivery is for real

  60. M***r

    Очень быстрая доставка. Комплектация согласно упаковочного листа и мануала. В работе еще не испробован, но планирую в ближайшее время и отпишусь.
    Большое спасибо!

  61. P***n

    Shipping about depends to become.
    Product normal operation is not high than random properly, what payment and water injection pressure may be different all function is good one looks like.
    Product really good.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  62. S***s

    Its very good product…Baseus means quality….

  63. D***a

    Delivery mega fast.
    The complete set is all as in the picture, all as in the description.
    Works fine, the adapter is connektot, a small nozzle is generally an indispensable thing.
    With the design guessed.
    The seller is good!

    no remark

  64. D***z

    Well reçus Merci arrivé rapide ++++

  65. C***n

    The overwhelming so about without water pumping well Busin. Once other sloppy about more tidy is Yes 쁩.. Shipping wholesale weeks enough significantly faster.

  66. A***P

    Toy fire. Turns on, thinks a minute, and then gives out the pressure of water. How much charge is enough is not clear, but it would be good to buy a second battery.

    no remark

  67. E***A

    Everything ok. Fast shipping.

  68. O***h

    feels great. good pressure. really premium

  69. A***v

    быстрая доставка

  70. H***M

    Very fast delivery. Bought many times from Baseus. They have good quality products. I had a problem with the gun, but I received help and it’s ok. Very useful for cleaning car and parts you cannot reach with your hands.

  71. L***k

    Quality as always excellent

  72. F***o

    The machine looks built with good materials, but it doesn't have much pressure. And the bucket is insufficient to wash the car. For me it has been a disappointment, which will stay in a drawer for the inability to return the product to China.

  73. N***a

    The whole thing has come, the only carobku has been crushed. For a gift will not go (and so the goods are whole, tried in the bathroom seems to work. As we try to dust the machine with this device, after writing the result.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  74. D***v

    fast delivery
    to Ukraine take 16 days
    Really good and quality stuff

    no remark

  75. C***x

    More Toy than high pressure apparatus. Took when the full set cost $75, and now about 115. A long nozzle, as already written in the reviews, is almost useless, either beats a strong jet, or sprayed without a distance-dried dirt does not rinse. The nozzle under the foam so-so, tried three different active foams-very weak foaming, washcloth or hand spray from under Mr. Musk is better. I liked the nozzle of the revolver type, here there are nozzles more suitable for washing the machine. Read the reviews, even if it costs 5 stars. Ideal to wash off dust after traveling off-road.

    no remark no remark

  76. A***L

    Good offline washing!
    I washed the car with a 2,5 bucket of water, the battery still remains.
    At first I did not want to put a jet, but then still stretched through the hose and the case went.

  77. N***v

    Получил товар очень быстро, через 15 дней после заказа. У фирмы Baseus я покупаю товары давно и ни разу они не подводили, все, что написано о товаре соответствует действительности. Теперь о аккумуляторной мойке: самое основное это ее автономность и нельзя ее сравнивать со стационарными мойками высокого давления. Тут давление не очень высокое это 0,7 Мпа = 7 бар но и ожидать 100 бар от неё нельзя. И она предназначена исключительно там где нет электроэнергии и водопровода. Каждую вещь надо приобретать по назначению. Продавец общительный и доброжелательный. Продавца и магазин рекомендую и даю все 5 звёзд.

  78. V***v

    Thank you, everything is OK!

  79. M***n

    The product was arrived without any damage,Thank you for the amazing product and very very good price

  80. M***j

    Delivery more than a month. The washing itself in general corresponds to the description. Water consumes economically, declared 30 minutes does not withstand, in fact-about 20. In principle, there is enough for one sink. Foam generator-so-so. A long adjustable nozzle I did not like at all-either a thin jet with a large thread, or a fan adjustable spraying, but at the last pressure to the madness they are low and the air I liked the small revolver nozzle, on which I could choose a couple of convenient modes for myself. Of course, from the stationary washing, the difference is colossal, it is possible to wash only fresh dirt and dust, no more, but convenient. In the attached bucket, there is a small volume of water-about 5 liters or a little more, so it will be more convenient to use your buckets or canisters, ideally with let the filter pass through it. Purchased to rinse the car after traveling to the village on off-road. With functions conditionally copes.

  81. Y***i

    Good quality, very useful, thanks a lot

  82. I***z


  83. F***.

    Very well protected and arrived fast, the product works great to clean the car and water the garden goes phenomenal, to clean easy dirt as well, the very embedded is not very effective, as it

  84. I***t

    Well wraped,tnx.Not checked yet

  85. Y***n

    This is the worst purchase I have made in recent years
    The device creates a very low pressure, not suitable for car washing.
    The water wets the vehicle, does not clean it.
    Product not recommended. A waste of money

  86. R***r

    Very satisfied with the store! Deliver very fast

  87. L***V

    The product exactly corresponds to the description. The quality of the goods is very good, the device works perfectly. The goods are packed in a specially made cardboard box. The parcel was well packed. The seller quickly sent the goods, the store service is satisfied.

  88. G***y

    Fast shipping thank you
    Good stuff

  89. V***v

    Похоже кто-то уже пользовался.

    no remark

  90. N***e

    Product never delivered

  91. A***r

    Water pressure is too weak and rope pick too force has no use time is short.

  92. F***z

    I didn't get it but I refund the money

  93. C***k


  94. M***a

    Thanks, reached uk on time .. quality good looks solid ..well.packed ..thanks again

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  95. M***v

    The tool came quickly, corresponds to the description. On the passport gives out 70 bar, when used, quite to itself, but there is a feeling that the power is almost not enough. Full portability: charged the battery, dialed the bucket and 3.5 hours can work on one charge. Thank you.

    no remark no remark no remark

  96. S***l

    It’s so cool and fun to use

  97. M***n


  98. S***v

    Got it! Tried, everything is fine!! Thank you very much!!!

  99. A***T

    Of course, this is not a full-fledged car wash. It's stupid to expect wow-efect. But in the absence of access to the 220 V network is a very good alternative to banal watering from bottles. In addition, it is very economical to consume water.
    When I attached the tube-sprayer to the "body" of the sink, I had to amaze myself. Turns out we need to make serious efforts to pull it off. And your hands must be dry. Otherwise, the tube slips in the hand. Although, maybe only my washing is so tight.

  100. A***y

    Ехало по земле, долго. Работает хорошо, с отличной для аккумуляторного инструмента мощностью. Очень доволен.

  101. D***d

    The parcel was not tracked. On AliExpress, the delivery bar did not move. Wrote to the seller, he calmed that everything is under control, wait. Wait. Someone very curious opened the barbaric packaging. Apparently not interested, because the kit is full. Everything works. The quality of the material is pleasant, the ergonomics is comfortable. For the duration of work, I will not say anything yet. If you don't like the tests, I'll write.

    no remark no remark

  102. P***r

    Посылка до г. Новокузнецка шла ровно месяц. по качеству товар очень хороший. опробовал автомойку на своем автомобиле. ушло 25л. воды на X-трейл. Работает не сильно шумно, давление хорошее, но конечно не сравнить с Кёрхером на 220v. Батарея была полностью заряжена. Заряда батареи хватило для того, чтобы помыть авто, мыл 30 мин. и осталось одно деление. Покупкой очень доволен.

  103. L***k

    Still not tried to use it but looks very solid and Hi quality.
    Delivery was surprisingly fast!

  104. I***r

    Products according to the order

  105. J***g

    Bloody fast delivery this time , just one more week. High quality and powful tool. I love it.

  106. M***v

    Unexpectedly and for the first time a long shipment from this seller, and the order went to the Russian Federation through Kazakhstan, as a result, the delivery was delayed. In the rest, everything is fine, tested a little in the bath, overall satisfied, for the battery washing is very worthy. Quality and convenience as always on top! It's good that I took the maximum kit, convenient multifunctional additional. The nozzle goes, which is not included in the standard kit (and other accessories). As a result, I'm happy and did not regret that I chose this sink.

    no remark no remark no remark no remark no remark

  107. J***z

    funciona muy bien y es muy manejable, tiene bastante fuerza para ser a batería con diferentes modos de chorro de agua,de momento muy contento, aunque no esperéis la fuerza de una karcher de cable.

    no remark no remark

  108. T***a

    colis bien emballé. il semble être de qualité. il me reste à charger et essayer.

  109. A***a

    Good Goods, quality

  110. J***k

    Good product!

  111. I***r

    More thanks for the goods and fast delivery. Works well. Glad.

    no remark

  112. H***p

    it works well just don't expect super powerful

  113. A***x


  114. F***e

    Super quality I recommend never disappointed by this brand!!

  115. D***o

    I have time to check, everything works. Full compliance with the description. Delivery in time specified by the seller.

  116. N***a

    Great product. Super happy with it

    no remark no remark no remark

  117. C***w

    I like this company’s product, keeping good quality as usual.

  118. F***e

    Gorgeous like all baseus products
    I regret not having bought it with the seal and the soap lance not yet tried sending was very fast Thank you baseus

  119. G***a

    البلاستيك في طرف الخرطوم الضعيف جدا وانكسر من اول استخدام

    no remark

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