Engine Piston Repair Tool Kit


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Product Description

Piston Ring Service Tool Set Auto Engine Motor Cleaning Piston Ring Expander Compressor Tool Set

  • Features:
    Piston ring compressor with ratchet key:
    1 PC Height: 3″, capacity 53-125mm.
    1 PC Height: 4″, capacity 90-175mm.
    1 PC Height: 6″, capacity 90-175mm.
    Piston ring tool capacity:50-100mm(for uninstalling piston ring).
    Piston ring groove cleaning fits: 2″-5″ (51-127mm)
    (for cleaning carbon deposition in piston ring groove).
    Cleaning blade 1 size: 1/16″ to 3/16″.
    Cleaning blade 2 size: 2.0mm to 4.5mm,1/4″
    Cleaning blade 3 size: 1.2mm to 5.5mm
    Offset driver: Phillips and slotted.



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